Letters to the Symphony.

Thank you for making what we do possible.


Every school concert we perform comes with a study guide and a form students can fill out to let us know what they thought of the performance. We recently received a few responses from teachers and students about our most recent educational program, "Soundsational Science". 

We hope you will enjoy reading a few highlights, knowing your support is what made this program possible. We can't thank you enough. 

"Dear Pennsylvania Philharmonic members and staff:

Thank you so much for the wonderful performance at Boyertown Middle School West. Many of my students will never get to see another Symphony concert, and I am proud that we are able to provide this concert for them. I find that many of the students will remember the concert for the rest of their lives. Before we prepare for the concert, students think that it will be “boring, soft, classical music.” As we study the pieces that will be played and attend the concert, they are always surprised to learn the truth!

This year in particular, they were excited to see and hear the different ways that instruments make sound. The “trombone” and “paper bags” seemed to be a particular favorite. I personally, as a 42 year-old elementary music teacher who never quite understood acoustics, enjoyed the oscilloscope. I didn’t realize the wave for the tuner and brass would be so smooth and yet so “bumpy” for the strings! That was amazing! My students and I also enjoyed some of the science videos that were included in the packet and we actually made the “cup/string phones.” That was probably the first science experiment we ever did in music class!

Thank you again for taking the time to perform for us. We appreciate that you have made this accessible to school districts by coming directly to us. I have included some letters and papers the students completed. I think some will give you a chuckle and others are expressed straight from their little hearts."

-General/Vocal Music Teacher: Colebrookdale Elementary School

Highlights from Student Letters