2019 Sponsorship Opportunities

The Philharmonic was founded with a two-fold mission: introduce Classical music to students grades 3-8 and bring an enriching musical experience to communities around the state. We invite you to become a sponsor of our 2019 Season and Education Program. 

Our school programs are created by our renowned music director, Michael Butterman. Each year over 60% of our concerts take place during the school day and reach over 10,000 students. This season we are excited to bring our 2019 Educational Program “Reach for the Stars” to school districts in Lehigh Valley, Central, and South Eastern Pennsylvania. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing and the history of American Space innovation, the program is focused on the meanings of courage, perseverance, and achievement. 

We will explore the innovations of the past with the help of some of the most engaging music ever written, and ask students to think about innovations they hope to see in the future. Our goal is to inspire young minds to think creatively and learn about an incredible time period in American History while they experience a performance by a professional Symphony Orchestra! 

By becoming a sponsor this season you will have an opportunity to show 1000s of audience members you support the arts, and more importantly – arts education. Your support will help us perform our Education Program in multiple school districts during the year and bring great musical programs to local communities this December. 

We have multiple sponsorship opportunities available, and becoming a sponsor is easy. We look forward to an incredible season with your support!