Pennsylvanians now have at least three great orchestras of note, the great Philadelphia Orchestra under the unique Yannick, the excellent Pittsburgh Symphony under Manfred Honeck...and now the Pennsylvania Philharmonic under Michael Butterman, bringing music to the People rather than the other way around.
— Penn Square Post

The Pennsylvania Philharmonic

We believe music education and the arts are fundamentally important and beneficial to the lives of all people, and we use the symphony concert experience as a catalyst for academic advancement, creativity, joy, and personal growth. 

Our mission is twofold: introduce young minds to quality classical music and bring an enriching musical experience to communities around the state. The Philharmonic’s two-pronged approach is unique among professional orchestras.

Our school programs account for more than 60% of our performances. While educational in nature, our concerts are designed to entertain and engage students in the world of art music. By providing children with an introduction to a high quality symphony orchestra, we hope to spark their interest in music, encourage them to learn an instrument, and inspire them to be participants in the arts throughout their lifetimes. The arts open the hearts and minds of our youth, and empower them to imagine their own potential. 

Our public concerts are designed to bring music to the people. We do not believe audiences should have to commute long distances to experience a professional symphony orchestra. Traveling from New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and everywhere in between, our musicians come together to bring innovative and exceptional programs directly to communities that desire it most. 

You can join us in our mission to make classical music something everyone can feel is theirs.

Help us continue to reach over 15,000 students a year. Help continue to bring an extraordinary Symphony Orchestra to your neighborhood and new communities around Pennsylvania.