Soundsational Science

Spring 2018 

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In honor of the Bethlehem Area School District being chosen to enter the John F Kennedy Center “Arts for Every Given Child” program, the Pennsylvania Philharmonic showcased its 2017 music educational program, “Soundsational Science,” to the general public through a pay-what-you-want concert open to all Bethlehem residents on November 5th.

We plan to bring the program to public audiences in other school districts this spring, but we need your help! Consider making a donation to help us continue to reach over 15,000 students a year. 

Soundsational Science explores the origins of sound and how it is made across the four orchestral instrument families. Demonstrating how the physical size, length, and construction of each instrument influences the sound it makes, children are introduced to concepts of timbre, frequency, and intensity. 

Members of the orchestra perform “solos”  on homemade instruments, designed to show the fundamental properties that form each instrument’s unique sound. Throughout the concert, a projected oscilloscope and decibel meter provides a visual component for the audience to see actual sound-waves created in real time. 

The Philharmonic encourages students to make their own homemade instruments and bring them along to the concert. Instructions for homemade instruments and fun music-related science experiments are included in our study guide. Download our study guide.