About The Pennsylvania Philharmonic

Schools everywhere are cutting their music programming down to the bone, and sometimes even further than that. Schools in Pennsylvania are among the hardest hit in the nation, and we all know that one of the first casualties in budget cutting is the Arts. Musicians and arts organizations feel the sting of this just as badly as parents and students! Without young people being given the tools to appreciate great classical music, the audiences that sustain orchestras will continue to decrease in size and live performances will be difficult to find. 

For hundreds of years, people of all ages have loved going to see an orchestra's live performance. Being immersed in sound, being overwhelmed by the different colors and sounds of the instruments,  continues to carry people away from their everyday troubles and take them on a journey. Orchestra music needs to be affordable, accessible, and it can’t be confined to a few large and pricey orchestras in major cities.

Unlike other groups, this orchestra exists to bring its music to the parts of the state that rarely have an opportunity to experience live classical performances on so grand a scale. Not only that, The Pennsylvania Philharmonic is one of the only orchestras in the area to invest heavily in concerts exclusively for young people. Our school concerts are built on the principle of educating and entertaining students, bringing them into a world of sophisticated music for a lifetime of enjoyment.

We’re honored to be working with Michael Butterman, a gifted conductor who has dedicated himself to crafting educational content for orchestras that is meaningful to the audience and exciting for the musicians onstage. Butterman leads inspired young musicians through some of the greatest music ever written, opening up a channel between performer and viewer that rarely exists in an educational concert.  What’s more, every concert with Butterman is unique. By incorporating improvisation into the concerts, the children have a chance to shape the music themselves, and to tell their own story.